All the rumors before WWDC

Well if you been leaving under a rock for the past, well always….. You would not know that there is a WWDC on Monday and while all the sites are coming forward with all the rumors, no one knows what good old Stevy has in store for us. Are we getting the new 3G iPhone this month ? Is OSX going to be ported to PC platform and sold that way ? Is new version of OSX coming this year ? Is .Mac getting renamed to ME ? When is firmware 2.0 going to be released ? I think a lot of this questions (but I`m sure not all) will be answered on Monday at 1pm EST. I personally being with out an iPhone for the last month (sold on eBay last month)cant take it anymore, but hey something will happen on Monday and I`m sure we will be happy with what it is (yeah right, we are never happy!!!!!!!!)