iModSign and iOS Beta Install

1.) Download/Install iModSign (iReSign) 3.0.5 (Download) http://www.mediafire.com/?x085yeb3530iee8

Other places to Download iModSign and iOS 6 beta http://imzdl.com/

1a) Beta iOS can be installed via iTunes, just hold shift and press the restore button in iTunes, then select the ipsw you downloaded, after the installation the iOS will be activated.

2.) Extract the .zip file from your confirmation email onto your Desktop

3.) Open up Keychain Access (Go to Spotlight and search for it)

4.) On the left side, select “login” under Keychains and “My Certificates” under Category. Once this is done, drag and drop the AppleWWDRCA.cer, Certificates.p12, and developer_identity.cer into Keychain Access.

5.) When prompted for a password for the .p12 file, put in 123456

6.) Plug your iDevice into your computer and then open iTunes. Drag the .mobileprovision file in iTunes over the “Library” section (you will see a green plus arrow). Or email this file to your self and open it from the iOS device mail then press install

7.) Go to http://apptrackr.org/ to download the application you want on your iDevice

8.) Open up iModSign

9.) First, you must find the Certificate name. iModSign will prompt you to choose a certificate pick the one you just installed.

10.) Browse or Drag the .ipa file you downloaded from AppTrackr and click StartJob

11.) Drag and drop the newly signed file into iTunes [has “iModSign” in the name and located on desktop folder iModSigned]

12.) Sync and enjoy!

* No Identity Found Error means that you did not type or copy the “Certificate Name/Common Name” correctly.
** If you are able to resign apps in iResign but cannot sync, this means your provisioning file is not installed correctly on your iDevice or you are syncing undersigned iPA’s in iTunes.

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