Pwnage Install, 2.0, BootNeuter and Visual VoiceMail fix

Well I finally got a chance to install 2.0 on my iPhone, and as everyone said the leaked beta is very unstable, it crashed about 20 times in 10 minutes that I had it on my phone. I had to flash back to 1.1.4. Pwnage on the other hand seems to be working great, lots of options and lots of cool stuff. One problem that I did have was, that when you check the activate box and dont unlock, while the phone does activate you never get a signal, you actually have o activate using iTunes or unlock the baseband. If you do unlock the baseband and you are on ATT, make sure you install BootNeuter and after its done, go in it and slide the unlock slider to off, press the home button and reboot, this will make the visual voicemail work