Some very upsetting news

So after this weekend fiasco and going to 10 different stores, I was able to be the first person online at Apple store in Huntington Station Mall here on Long Island, they only had the 8GB iPhone 3Gs, but I was already ok with that, as long as I can get one. After giving my phone number and checking my account she got an IRU error, and told me that I have a discount on my ATT account and due to that I have to visit ATT store and purchase it there or take my discount off. 28% Discount…. no way. So ATT store is my only option and since all the stores in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, NJ areas are all out of the phones, I`m stuck. There is an opton of Direct Fullfilment, which means I order it now in the store, pay for it and wait 10-21 days to get it as its on backorder now. I will be looking for it till Friday and then I will do the direct fullfilment thing then. Very Sad news for me πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™