Eco-friendly iPhone speaker dock uses no electricity

If you’re feeling guilty about the conditions the workers who made your smartphone had to endure or the number of air miles your device managed to rack up while winging its way to you, there will be something you can do to balance your karma.


The iBamboo iPhone speaker dock is a completely green iPhone speaker docking solution that will amplify any audio content emanating from your Apple handset without using any electricity whatsoever.


Although the simple yet stylish device won’t have the neighbours hammering on your wall in an effort to get you to turn the music down, the iBamboo serves as a straightforward and effective way to amplify music or speech content played on your iPhone.


The way the device works is pretty simple; the user slots his or her iPhone into a small opening at the top of a one-foot-long piece of bamboo. The natural shape of the bamboo serves to amplify the content played while also creating a “pseudo-stereo effect” as the sound exits either side of the wood.


Interested iPhone owners can purchase the iBamboo speaker dock in traditional bamboo, or at least they could if it wasn’t currently sold out, but will soon be able to get one made of plastic. The new plastic dock will apparently provide a cleaner and crisper sound which is more suitable for “urban use”. Those who like to coordinate their smartphone accessories can also avail themselves of a bamboo iPhone cover, available from the same company.


At the moment, the iBamboo speaker dock is only compatible with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, although Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree who designed the device says he is working on models that will be compatible with older iPhone handsets and other Apple devices such as the iPod and iPod Touch players.


Anybody interested in picking up an iBamboo speaker dock (the company is based in the US but ships internationally) can sign up for notifications as to when they will be available again. The recycled plastic version is expected to sell for a very reasonable $30. Obviously though, the device will not charge your phone.


Source Best-Mobile-Contracts.